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Love lies in its journey

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Love lies in its journey So here it is finally, the most awaited and most romantic time of the year for our lovebirds out there. The month, fest, season of love, care, promises, hugs, affection, kindness, cuddles and kisses. There’s always a feeling of excitement for a typical Valentine’s Day

Is our behavior connected to how we were raised ?

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Is our behavior connected to how we were raised ? Have you ever thought why do you behave the way you do ? Does that specific behavior suddenly remind you of some event to which you reacted in the same manner ? Does that ever make you think that am

Colorful world of Color Psychology

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Colorful World of Color Psychology Color can be said to be a non verbal form of communication that not everyone can understand but has its own significance. We are surrounded by colors all the time and colors we surround ourselves with reflects our behavior and thoughts. The meaning of color

Booking For Marriage: Early Or Late?

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Booking For Marriage: Early Or Late? Marriage is a polarising concept. Some people cannot wait to get married, and some despise their entire constitution.  As polarising as this is, there is another matter within this discussion that is even more so – the influence of age in marriage. While one

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