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Mending Mind believes that fighting your mental illness can be an uphill battle indeed. Especially in a country like India where stigma and prejudices are a huge concern that makes us hesitate to even talk about mental health. Not so long ago, India has also been awarded the title of “Most depressed country in the world” by the World Health Organisation. In a time and place where people tell you to not think about sad thoughts as if they have been training in the field of mental health for the past decade or makes you feel abnormal by telling you it’s all in the head or using prayer as a cure for mental illnesses, important discussions are needed to be held and most importantly, appropriate treatments are to be provided.


Our aim is to make sure that you get the best possible treatments from the best possible mental health professionals, to give you individualistic services that can help you fight and win over the dark gloom of your mental illness. In the capable hands of our team you will receive not only the ‘laying on the couch and talking about your childhood like in TV’ sessions, you can make use of the various types of services that we offer that is most appropriate for you. One person at a time, we hope to help individuals to become mentally stronger and happier so that one day we can give back the undesirable title back.


Therapy Couch

We have a variety of therapeutic sessions planned for you. Each of them are tailor made to suit your needs and solve your problems.

Teacher's Board

We have already conducted many workshops and training programmes on a wide variety of subjects. Keep your eyes peeled for new announcements as more exciting and interesting ones are on the way.

Work Desk

We offer internship opportunities for hard working individuals who are starting out on the field. If you want to work in a healthy work environment and gain some valuable experience, send in your applications.


Good Words Good People

” Kinjal is an amazing therapist and outstanding graphologist. I recommend you all to go through her services for sure. You will not regret. Her knowledge is in-depth. One of the best in Mumbai.”
Aditi Vyas

Good Words Good People

” Course in Graphology is really helpful and useful. My experience was just amazing. Personal counseling sessions with Ms. Kinjal also helped me a lot in my Health issues and in my studies."
Dhwani Mehta
"Mending mind is like repairing of your mind, and thanks to Kinjal Jain for bringing such a brilliant idea. I am into mindpower and mindtraning, but was having some regrets, some bad experiences about childhood as well as relationship issues. This is an amazing platform to come out of all our past issues and i felt to comfortable and relaxed. Once again, thanks a lot kinjal."
Chetan Thakkar
"I completed my course in graphology from mending mind. It was a great experience and i gained in depth knowledge on this domain. Along with this whenever I have any confusion regarding this topic, the trainer is always there to clear my doubts.“
Tanu Pandey
"It was really a wonderful session by Mending Mind. Ms Kinjal Jain was the facilitator. It was a fantastic learning and exploring the art of Signatures. She explained the concept very creatively. I really loved the entire process of learning! Really explored something new. It was really a great session! Never knew learning the art of signatures will be so fun, she was just amazing! Especially loved the way you explain the concept and solve everyone's doubts“
Chirag Sejpal

Inner battles leave wounds too, to ignore them is to infect them.

We have gotten a little too good at ignoring the bad things in life. When it comes to mental health, doing this does not promote positivity but instead, develops a devastating recipe for disaster.


What happens during the session stays in the session. As mental health professionals we have taken the oath to keep all our client’s details private. Whatever you share with us is strictly confidential information and will not be heard by a third person unless you want them to.


We offer a number of mental health services and learning opportunities so that you don’t have to worry about not finding the right fit for you. If you are going through a hard time, we are right here. We have the best personnel and resources to guide you through the toughest times of your life.

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