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Breaking Down FOMO: Missing Out

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Breaking Down FOMO: Fear of Missing Out Hoping to be present when there’s something important going on can be naturally expected from human beings. The term ‘important’ also implies fun, exciting, joyful. This Hope is an innocent trait that doesn’t require too much of a deeper dig to explain it.

Pandemic Fatigue

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Pandemic fatigue We are locked in our own country, own houses by not any person but a virus. A deadly, undiscriminating, living and growing beastful virus. People all around the world are collectively still fighting against the battle with this. This pandemic has taken away people’s homes, lives, health and

What I wish I knew about pregnancy

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What I wish I knew about pregnancy Let’s talk real here, ladies: It isn’t all sunshine, rainbows, and unicorn-emblazoned onesies when you first find out you’re pregnant. With overwhelming strange physical side effects you start experiencing some seriously weird, conflicting emotions that follow… sadly for a long time. And contrary

Trauma Tragedy

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Trauma Tragedy Trauma is not something that merely exists in our head, it’s a real thing which can make a person stuck physically and mentally. One cannot say to move on from trauma, it’s not some scratch that we got by falling on the road while playing as a child.  

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