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Preferred color of pen

You tend to be a perfectionist. It annoys you if the things in your life aren't correctly arranged, organized and well maintained. You might have had a family member or a friend complain about your strict adherence to your perfectionist rules at least once or twice.
You tend to be flexible and adaptable. You are open to new ideas and can accept change without much hesitation. People around you have the impression that you are a laid back person.

Size of your handwriting

You like working at your own pace as you are a detail oriented individual who prefers in-depth knowledge of a subject. You find it irritating that people always try to rush you and don't spend enough time learning the details and nuances of the subject.
You like leading and instructing others while working. You don’t prefer much detailed work as you tend to see the bigger picture. As long as someone gets their work done, you don't care about the route they have taken to get there.

Pressure of your handwriting

It’s easy for you to forget and forgive. You would rather not spend your time and energy in holding a grudge. People have a hard time getting you to do things because you lack motivation and determination at most times. You will only give your best to a task if it truly interests you or if you are absolutely not given any other choice.
You are good at learning from experience and moving on. Rarely do you take things to your heart and let it affect you. You are not particularly highly motivated or lazy, if the situation called for it, you will feel motivated and determined to finish the task.
You are not the type to let go if someone has wronged you. You find it difficult to forget and forgive. You will complete your tasks with high levels of motivation and determination. Others might even compliment you due to this aspect of your personality.

Direction of your signature

You feel no excitement in your career as it always unchanging. Even though you have a non-progressive career, you don't feel like updating yourself. You motto seems to be 'don't fix if it isn't broke."
Having a progressive career. You have no problem updating your self and evolving according to the changing times and situations. You always to acquire more success or knowledge.
You feel like you have a regressive career with only downs and no ups. Maybe you feel like your potential is being wasted or maybe your pay isn't enough for the work that you do. You feel like you are always on the losing side.

Components in the signature (Only Initials are also to be considered)

You want to be independent and self-made instead of having things handed to you because of your privilege. You likely have no respect for the people who 'made it's because of their family background or wealth.
Sometimes you find yourself losing control over your emotions. It mostly happens when you are talking about things that you care greatly about.
There have been instances in your life where you found yourself completely unable to engage in decision making and the action talking that follows after. Sometimes you don't even know the reason and spend time wonder why it was.
Before making any important decision, you make sure to consider how it will affect all aspects of life. You also try to effectively regulate and control your emotions while making the decisions. Because of this your decisions are mostly well informed and without biases.