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Graphology or Handwriting analysis is the study of Handwriting that is used to analyze an individuals personality. It can teach you to literally read others like a book. In the hands of a qualified graphologist, your handwriting will reveal your true personality, life problems and subconscious thoughts with 95-98 % accuracy.

Graphology in recent times seems to be becoming more and more relevant as people realize just how useful it can be.

Applications of Graphology

Conflict Resolution
Overcoming Brain fogging
Changing problematic behaviour
See through lies & deception
Counseling & Guidance
Diagnose physical & mental ailments
Boosting productivity
Exploring Personal Identity
Choosing the right partner


The practice of graphology has been around since the 1870s, we are just getting to know about this now since people are finally realizing just how useful it can be. Graphology is the closest you can get to scientific telepathy. If you have a dark side that you wish to conceal from a graphologist, you will be unsuccessful since a trained graphologist can see through your personality like a glass door. Your handwriting is the fingerprint of your brain and personality, you cannot fake your fingerprints. Your brain is providing you with commentary at all times of the day about everything that is going on in your life, graphology can tap into this broadcast and help you listen to your own self. Mention a test or assessment that can proudly boast about that level of accuracy, we’ll wait.

Graphology is the closest we can get to reading minds. If you want to know what others are truly like, sign up. Want to become a certified graphologist- Enroll for our courses now.


  • Details
  • What will you learn

As the name suggests, this will be where you are taught the basics of graphology. This is your first stepping stone into the world of handwriting analysis. A person who has learned the will be able to analyze a complete sample of handwritten content.

  • Learn every detail and nuance of the connection between handwriting and personality.
  • The introductory classes including the science, history and principles of graphology serves as proof for the validity of the course.
  • Hyper-boost your self awareness, discover you innate traits, strengths ,weakness, abilities and let the personal improvement commence.
  • Learn every aspect of your life, the social, the personal and the professional will profit greatly from the course.
  • The blockages in your interpersonal relationships, including your love life, will be removed
  • Explore the 7 dimensions of an individuals life- Physical, Cognitive, Emotional, Spiritual, Occupational/Career, Social and Environmental.
  • You will receive a wholesome education on graphology as we teach even the simplest elements of writing like spacing, margins, pressure, slanting, etc.
  • Learn the theory of child development to avoid making the same mistakes your parents did in the past.
  • Spot problems like aggression, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, suicidal traits, emotional unstably, physical health problems and 500 such traits.


Rs. 14,000 (EBD)
  • Duration of the course: 20 hrs
  • Learn more than 500 traits of Handwriting


  • Details
  • What will you learn

Advance level takes you much deeper into the subject. Here you will tap and uncover the subconscious mind. Here you will learn deeper science of handwriting, signature, drawing an doodle analysis. Start practicing as a certified graphologist after completion of the advance course.

  • To reveal the deep rooted problems in your family, diagnosis/assessment of the physical and mental illnesses in your family will be taught.
  • A portion of the time will be spent on examining the abusive behaviour patterns of the family members.
  • Learn to express yourself without any mental barriers and refine your communication skills. This can be of help for your clients as well.
  • Heal from emotional trauma and move on from the past. You can share these healing powers with others as well.
  • Recognize the negative things in your life that's making your life harder. Acquire the skill to deal with your problems maturely and effectively
  • Get in touch with your spiritual side to reach a realm of inner peace and serenity.
  • Signature analysis teaches you how to learn some of the most concealed traits of a person by just looking at a single signature.
  • Learn how to access the deepest part of a child's mind who refuses to communicate with the help of Drawing Analysis and color therapy.
  • Explore the subconscious reasons of your behavior and traces of your repressed memories.
  • Learn Grapho-Therapy, Grapho-Patterns, forgiveness therapy, mindfulness-based techniques, talk therapy, counseling techniques and report making skills


Rs. 19,000 (EBD)
  • Duration of the course: 30 hrs
  • Signature Analysis, Drawing Analysis & Color therapy
  • Become a Certified Graphologist


  • Details
  • Application

Signing your name should be a familiar experience for you as an adult. This is a process that comes so naturally and automatically to you that you should not even have to pay much attention to it as you drag your pen over the piece of paper. Signature analysis is the art of deciphering some of the key things about your personality from the code that is your signature. The professional can accurately read the state your personal relationships, personality and behavior traits , professional life and even some of the health issues that you may be experiencing.

  • Explore your personality and weed out the negative traits.
  • Learn the reason for the failure of your social life and love life.
  • Find your weakness and strengths inorder to monetise your talents and interests.
  • Find the most suitable person who can meet your requirements, both in professional and personal life.
  • Learn to make better decisions by setting proper goals and strengthening your emotional stability.
  • Remove the blockages to creative thinking and slowly begin to increase your productivity.

Signature Analysis

Rs. 3,500
  • Learn 100+ traits of Signature
  • Become a certified signature analyst


  • Details
  • Application

Drawing revels a persons innate personality and gives us a peek into ones mind. Learn to decode and examine the many figures people have drawn. These figures contain the emotions and subconscious ideas of the artist and can actually help us to map out ones mind. light. Drawing combines art and psychology to explore emotions, examine the root of a problem and provide treatment for mental and physical illnesses.

One of the best things about the Art therapy we offer is that you don’t need any type of experience in art or be artistically inclined to learn this therapeutic model and almost everyone
can benefit from it. Drawing therapy will help one to express their emotions, even if they themselves are unaware of it.

  • Look into the minds of those who refuse to communicate, including children.
  • Words fail to describe certain emotions and feelings. Learn to communicate your emotions through random lines and colours.
  • Let your trauma flow into the pages as colours and learn to how to heal by acknowledging your repressed thoughts.
  • Understand the true emotions behind destructive emotions like anger and begin to work on your real issues.
  • Learn to check if your child's intellectual abilities are progressing normally.
  • Drawings can pave the way for communicating with children with special needs.

Drawing Analysis

Rs. 5,000
  • Learn 100+ traits of drawing
  • Become an expert to decode drawings

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Amazing work by kinjal mam. Great opportunity to learn & heal. Thank you.
Deepa Udasi
Learnt Signature Analysis from Kinjal. She is well versed in topic & a very good teacher. It was a fun loving experience.
Diplakshmi Dopeshwarkar
It was absolutley fantastic to learn graphology as it's an eye opener for many things. It was great to learn & enjoyed doing it.
Samataa Taludkar
General Manager
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