Pandemic Fatigue

Pandemic fatigue

We are locked in our own country, own houses by not any person but a virus. A deadly, undiscriminating, living and growing beastful virus. People all around the world are collectively still fighting against the battle with this. This pandemic has taken away people’s homes, lives, health and mental peace away from them. It is getting hard for each and every one of us to maintain our mental health in these times. So How to deal with pandemic fatigue?

Some are still wandering without considering the seriousness of the disease around them. Because it is true that unless you are under a rock, you are unlikely to know about someone else’s life. There’s not only people dealing with pandemic, but they are also dealing with anxiety disorders, sleep problems, indigestion problems, cardiovascular issues, depression, and day by day degrading mental health. The level at which it has moved our economy and health structure is a “no need to discuss” topic. 

People besides personal problems, are getting victims of homicide, domestic violence, sexual harassment, emotional, menatal and domestic abuse. The thing which even if they want to, can’t come out of. Leaving our humanity and emotions killing themselves slowly, people are still hoping that they will get out of this. One or another day they will.

Facing the steepest virus climb and fallout yet, people are stressed, preoccupied and exhausted. Many of us are facing the vulnerabilities to anxiety or depression that continue to be triggered by some or other events of daily life. The people who didn’t have such histories are struggling emotionally in their own ways, and those who were already struggling are trying harder just to get out of one day.

When the tunnel is darkest, there is light ahead near to it. 

Pandemic fatigue, fear, sadness, all these emotions are legitimate, no matter what lens one views it through.  This virus is dreadful and painful to all people, whether that person is in survival mode fortunate to have health, financial means and safe shelter at the other, or at the other side of being economically, socially and mentally devastated.

If it continues to be as we are told. Then we all deserve to feel down sad and tired right now. But we can not stop our momentum, our progress and our fight.  No matter who we are or what our story is, we are all in this together, and we are the only ones who will get us out of this, together.