Love lies in its journey

Love lies in its journey

So here it is finally, the most awaited and most romantic time of the year for our lovebirds out there. The month, fest, season of love, care, promises, hugs, affection, kindness, cuddles and kisses. There’s always a feeling of excitement for a typical Valentine’s Day experience, flowers, hugs, promises, commitments, wine-ing and dining, receiving and sending gifts. And also there is not only one day there is a mini valentine week wholly to fill lovers with excitement and enthusiasm.

Let’s ask ourselves one question. Why do we really celebrate Valentine’s Day? What do we like most about it ? What makes it so special ? Is Valentine’s Day always about the grand gestures, expensive gifts, luxurious date nights, in a 5 star restaurant or some hotel? Is Valentine’s Day empowering couples ? There’s no correct answer to these questions. These areĀ  just some introspection questions that one can easily answer if he/she has loved someone ever. Not exclusively for couples .

Love has different meanings and it never starts or ends with any week or month. There’s a saying “love never dies neither it gets old.” Love has no age, no bars, no limits, no matter and maybe that’s why we say love is in the air. But you know what’s more beautiful than the love itself, it’s the journey of love.

Love can exist in various ways like a child loves differently like by kissing, or mumming around, or smiling at someone or laughing while being around a particular someone. That’s the purest form of love one person gives to someone unintended.

Let’s have a flashback of our teenagers when we used to love by making shy and indirect eye contacts, exchanging cards, writing messages at the back of our notebooks, travelling for hours and miles just to catch that one glimpse and smile of the special person. The little jealous factor that used to burn us seeing that person with someone else, the process of that person making up for it. The smiles, giggles, the first touch of hands, the first moment of eye contact which used to give us dancing butterflies in our stomach.

Just revisiting those times gives us an endorphin rush, right?

Then the mature love of our adulthood which taught us how and why love is important. That moment when you share yourself with someone, your deepest secrets lie in front of someone like a naked person. You feel relieved, relaxed, calm, light, responsible, strong, mature, weak, childish, all at the same time. The time when you fight for your love, yourself and your relationship. The time when you see what you’ve been looking for in someone. The support, care, affection, attention, understanding, compassion, all at once like a package of gift hamper in a person itself. The most overwhelming feeling !!