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When you have your boss breathing down on your neck over a deadline, a long going squabble with your significant other or the mountains of assignment and tests that’s dumped over your head, you might feel like butter that’s spread too thin. When you feel exhausted and drained both mentally and physically, hindering your clear thinking, effectiveness and happiness, you can say that you have a problem managing your stress. Stress is your body’s response to the changes around you. Stress has some amount of beneficial qualities that may be of help for an individual. ¬†Eu-stress or good stress can help you motivate yourself to meet your daily goals, it triggers your fight or flight response which can protect you from certain situations and make you work more efficiently. Distress or bad stress has quite a negative effect on the mind as well as body. Bad stress can cause memory loss, trouble concentrating, constant worrying, negative thinking, depression, anxiety, moodiness, anger, loneliness, isolation etc. It can also affect the body by messing up your digestive system, give you headaches, chest pains, weakened immune system, loss of sex drive and various types of pain. It also increases the risk of burnout in people. It is necessary to have a healthy mind and a well as a balanced life and therefore you need to know how to manage your stress appropriately. You need to identify the stress in your life and try to cut out the source if you can. You can develop stress relieving habits like exercise and meditation which will help you deal with stress in a healthy way. Keeping a positive attitude sounds incredibly generic and difficult but the effects of having a positive attitude has proved to be helpful for many people. Eating healthy meals, cutting of sugary drinks or junk food and making sure you have the time to rest well is integral in managing stress efficiently. If you feel like you have trouble coping with stress and controlling it, it is recommended that you seek out a professional who is trained in stress management.

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