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Smoking addiction

What is so destructive about smoking that we have to watch a public service add everytime we watch a film? We have become so familiar with how our lungs are like sponges and the scary cases of former smokers that we dont even notice its existence anymore. Smoking is a habit that is widely condemned but it is widely accepted as well. The Nicotine present among other poisonous chemicals in cigarettes has an  addictive effect. Almost all of us must have seen how smokers finish a whole packet  in one sitting when they are stressed. This unhealthy habit makes them dependent on the cancer sticks of death to deal with their emotions. People also go through withdrawal when they decide to quit smoking, much like other drugs. It may have started as a cool look back in highschool with your friends but soon enough it can end with you coughing your lungs out or unconscious on an operating table. Once your body gets used to the nicotine, it will crave the chemical even more to trigger the release of dopamine which is associated with positive feelings. People with mental illness are more likely to smoke than people without  mental illnesses, it is harder for them to quit as well. Even though people tend to claim that smoking helps with their anxiety, research suggests that the relaxation they feel is momentary and their anxiety and stress comes back even worse than what it was before. Hence, they will essentially be caught in a vicious cycle. The best way to stop smoking is to never start. But if you are already depended on it, there are various ways that you can leave this unhealthy habit. You can quit cold Turkey, in an abrupt manner or slowly by  following a plan that will help you quit and prevent relapse. Reaching out to mental health professional can also give you a boost in your decision to quit.

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