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Stitch and strike

As a parent, have you noticed any oddness in the way your child walks, holds their pencil or their overall manner of movements?

Maybe you have seen your child struggling with holding a spoon or fork even though you have been teaching them to use it for a long time. Or you have witnessed your child coming back from the playground with low spirits because they were made fun of because of their weak performance.

Not all children are athletically inclined and that is completely fine. But if your child has trouble in some of the basic movements that other children seem to have no problem doing, it is time to take action and help them out.

Our workshop focuses on helping children to develop their Fine and Gross motor skills. What’s that? The movements involving smaller muscle groups such as those in the hand and wrist of your child in order to tie their shoelaces, button their shirts, or hold a pencil is their Fine Motor skills. Your child’s movements related to large muscles such as legs, arms, and so on for the purpose of kicking a ball or riding a bicycle is known as Gross Motor Skills.

In the workshop, we will be using various types of games and activities to correct and guide both motor skills. With our team of certified professionals, we are sure that our workshop will of great help to your young ones and will be able to ease your worries.

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