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It was in 2018 that the existence of gay people became “allowed” or legal in India. Even though the law of the nation changed, the minds of the people remains closed as a clam. There are many countries all over the world who condemn and persecute a community of people for just being born the way they are. People in the LGBTQ+ community face prejudice, hostility and blind violence that is thrown their way for no valid reason and crimes committed against these sexual minorities are often overlooked and swept under the rug, especially in conservative countries. In a society where same sex marriages seem like a distant dream and their basic right to life is threatened,the psychological ramifications must not come as a surprise. Lesbian women are twice as more likely and gay men are thrice as more likely to have depression compared to heterosexual individuals. Since many of the members feel the need to hide themselves so as to not invite bullying or any sort of discrimination towards them, they tend to isolate themselves, feel guilty and hopeless. Substance abuse, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety are the most common mental illnesses that can be seen in the community. They are also more at risk of suicide due to the above mention factors. Transgender people are more likely to think about and attempt suicide than heterosexual people, gay individuals, lesbian individuals and bisexual individuals. The stressors for transgender individuals are a bit more different since along with being a minority they also do not identify with their biological sex. The mind of an individual who has experienced homophobia, trans-phobia, alienation from their society are very much at risk for mental illnesses that can become fatal if not properly treated. Acceptance, understanding and empathy is something we all need to learn. It is not fair or justifiable that millions of people have to suppress their sexual and gender identity, fear for their lives every single day, ┬ábecome prey to blind hatred and suffer physically and psychologically for being born a certain way or loving a certain someone.

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