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When the concept of past life regression is brought up during a discussion, it is more than likely to encounter negative and skeptical opinions about it. This is understandable as many people in the modern world are disbelieving of things like souls and past lives. For this precise reason past life regression is often controversial. But we believe (from experience) that this practice is true and incredibly helpful.

Past life regression as the name suggests, is the process by which a trained professional uses the method of hypnosis to take the consciousness of the client to another dimension or time in which they existed previously. It is based on the concept that the past, the present and the future exists simultaneously. The regressionist will guide the client towards a time in their past that has become the reason for many of the problems the client might be experiencing. There are a number of cases in the mental health field in which the clients never got any relief to their emotional or physical problems even after trying all sorts of medication and treatment. Cases like these can been solved by the use of past life regression.

If you have had a traumatic incident in this life that continues to follow you into the future, we can diagnose it and treat it like usual. But what if the incident happened in your past life but still refuses to let you go and move on? These problems are not only emotional or psychological, the deep issues that we never dealt with in our past can manifest as physical pain or disease.

Past life regression has done wonders for those individuals who were not to able to receive appropriate care form any other branch of medicine or psychology. During the session, your mind is relaxed until time itself becomes meaningless and you truly begin to look into yourself.

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