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Before you put on a shock collar on your kid and try to control each and every aspect of their life, please remember that you will be the one who will have to pay for their therapy bills. As a parent one has the responsibility to see through that their kids become healthy, happy and responsible adults who wont try to burn the world down. To make a child happy shouldn’t mean that the parents should let the young one get away with anything and everything. Throwing money money in their face and saying ‘yolo’ with a peace sign doesn’t make one a good parent either. Parents have the ability to influence children in a phenomenal way. Like sponges, they absorb everything that you say and do to them so it is essential that you think about the way you interact with them.
There are four different parenting style; Authoritarian, Neglectful, Indulgent and Authoritative. In Authoritarian parenting style the parent basically dominates the child’s life with no wiggle room. The parents are extremely controlling with low levels of responsiveness. Children of authoritarian parents are found to be authoritarian themselves and can often lack certain social competence. In the Neglectful parenting style, the parents doesn’t involve themselves in the child’s life. They sometimes act like not caring about how the child is doing in school, doesn’t have much conversations with the child, and would rather have others baby sit their child than spent time with them. Children of Neglectful parents tend to have problems with communication and controlling themselves as they are rarely reprimanded and made to follow rules. In Indulgent parenting style, the parents would indulge their child in every way. Whatever the child asks for they will receive, essentially spoiling the child. These parents do not give priority to rules and does not punish their children for wrong doings. Their children are likely to be entitled, may lack empathy which will lead to bad social skills and have trouble controlling themselves. In Authoritative parenting style, the parents will try to cultivate independence in their children but at the same time lay down their limits which if crossed, would have consequences. This parenting style is seen as the most appropriate all around the world. The parents are responsive to the child’s needs but does not spoil them. Their children tend to be happier, self-reliant, competent and assertive. Of course there are times when a parent may need to adopt a different parenting style according to the needs of their child. Even if a child is punished for their wrong actions, the parent should always reassure the child that they will always be loved, no matter what. Communication and an open mind is crucial in raising a happy and a mentally well balanced child. In a time about almost everyone is ranting about their ‘mommy issues’ and ‘daddy issues’ the parents have to be careful while punishing or rewarding their children.

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