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Overthinking and Emotional Issues

Reflection and introspection can be highly helpful in an individual’s life. It helps you analyse your thoughts, actions or mistakes and make better decisions in the future, helping you grow as a person. But when you overly obsess or worry about a particular aspect for too long, it can become unhealthy and affect your life in a less than desirable manner. It can cause you emotional distress, puts pressure on you and is completely unproductive. Overthinking is not classified as a disorder as such but it does seem to indicate the presence of other mental disorders like depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress and borderline personality disorder. When you obsess about a lost opportunity, you are throwing away the time and energy that could help you find other better opportunities. Overthinking can sometimes completely consume your life, it can give you sleeping troubles, mess with your appetite and isolate you from your peers and loved ones. When you always think about the absolute worst outcomes all the time, instead of preparing for those scenarios you might just feel exhausted and give up all together. Overthinking can make you seem like you are trying too hard or least bothered which doesn’t come across as a good trait during social interactions. Obsessing over what others think about you, an unfortunate scenario that you saw on TV and now you believe is going to happen to you, the racing questions in your mind about all the ‘what ifs’ that you can possibly think of, they all work as an unhealthy distraction that keeps you away from thinking about and doing things that actually matter at present time. If you do often feel overwhelmed by your own thoughts, it is strongly advised that you talk to someone and get the necessary help needed.

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