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Numerology is the study of the numbers in your life. It is based on the concept that each and every number has its own vibration, rhythm or frequency that can resonate with different living beings. In numerology we study the meaning of the different numbers in your life and reveal how it affects you.

Many of us struggle with the issue of not knowing about ourselves. Not knowing what career to choose, second guessing our choice of partner, not knowing what life has in store for you and not knowing what truly makes you happy. We feel so lost in life and some people are never able to find their destination. Because of this, people live their entire life in complete regret and carry a lot of unanswered questions that start with “what if”. It is saddening to see so many people lose out on precious days, months and years without knowing their true purpose.

Numerology, the practice that was invented by the widely celebrated Pythagoras, can be of huge help to you. It can act as your road map or a guiding light. Numbers are universal, no matter where you go, it will always be the same. Your name, your birth date and time, and many other numerical factors are connected to the universe in a unique manner. The universe responds to the numbers in your life differently than it responds to everybody else. With the help of this connection between the universe and your number ‘vibrations’, a trained numerologist will be able to read your life, your situation, your personality and your destiny like a story book.

Numerology reveals your character, talent, personality and even your most likely future. When you learn numerology, you will not only get a deep look into your own self, but you will be able to study the personal temperament of others as well.People often make wrong decisions without knowing that certain things are not meant for them. Numerology can guide you till you start on your true purpose in life or as some would say ‘your calling’.

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