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Knowing The Unknown

We all have the fear of death, don’t we? We are afraid of the pain, the unfamiliarity and the uncertainty. Many of us spend days, months or even years, trying to get our fear of death under control. Just how helpful would it be to know the secrets of death? Well, lucky for us, someone known as Dr Michael Newton found a way that can let us access the truth about life and death. This practice is known as life between lives (LBL) therapy and it is done by hypnotherapists.

The purpose of this practice is to open up your mind to your past life and memories in order to gain a better view of yourself and life in general. During the sessions with the hypnotherapist, your mind will be taken to a point in your childhood and then you are encouraged to travel even further in time. You are led through the times before your birth as you laid in the womb, before your conception and through the spiritual realm where you exist as a soul without a body.

The clients who have opted for this therapy describe this stage as the place where souls meet and connect. The client’s consciousness sometimes is made to travel back even further till they reach the threshold of their past life. The testimony given by most of our clients is that they encounter their past death scene. It can be tough for some of the clients to witness themselves in a situation like that but in that moment death reveals all it’s secrets to the person in the trance and it is not an unknown scary entity anymore. After their death the soul or consciousness travels to the higher spiritual realm carrying the experiences and knowledge from that life.

Life between life therapy is known for providing all the answers that you need about yourself. People who have experienced it often describe it as liberating and life changing. The individuals who lack direction and identity in life can profit immensely from this practice. Life between lives therapy also facilitates a deeper inner healing that not many treatments are able to provide. With the help of LBL, you purge yourself of all your negative emotions and fears as you learn the deeper meaning of life.

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