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Mental disorders and emotional issues have been studied extensively in the past few decades. Many of these studies suggest that therapeutic or medical interventions in the younger years of a patient can produce the best results from treatment. People become adult-only after going through the stages of childhood and adolescence. We understand just how important this early intervention is for the mental health of the future generation. Child counselling mainly focuses on the well being and treatment for children and teenagers. We offer Psychotherapy, Behavior modification therapy, Remedial Therapy, Arts-based therapy, Play / Drama therapy and many other modes of treatment that can get the young child to open up about their troubles.

Children usually have a really tough time communicating with elders. For example, if the parents are separating and the child is struggling with the news, it is unlikely for the child to talk to their parent. Our major target is to get the child to communicate with us about their problems. Things like bullying, family problems, the onset of learning disorders and academic crises are common in children.  If we establish that the child is showing symptoms of a disorder, we will be able to immediately take action and begin treatment.

Teenagers go through a lot of physical changes and hormonal changes during puberty. This is a very confusing and scary time for them during which they do not fully understand what they are going through and feel vulnerable. Adolescence is a stage where parents worry the most about their children. Teenagers are prone to eating disorders, emotional disorders, self-harm, suicidal tendencies and risky behaviors. In some cases, they just need someone to talk to them and try to understand them without any judgment.

But there is a significant portion of teenagers who need professional help since they are already too far gone to be back to being ‘normal’ after some kind words from a friend. This is where we come in. Although teenagers are young, they are still old enough to be carrying the trauma that was inflicted upon them during their childhood. If they are to become a happy and responsible adult, these issues should be addressed and treated. Mending Mind offers all sorts of therapeutic sessions for children as well as teenagers who are dealing with problems they cannot even communicate. With our help, young clients will learn how to cope with their emotional issues and lead a better life.

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