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Booking For Marriage: Early Or Late?

Booking For Marriage: Early Or Late?

Marriage is a polarising concept. Some people cannot wait to get married, and some despise their entire constitution.  As polarising as this is, there is another matter within this discussion that is even more so Рthe influence of age in marriage. While one group of people believes that people should get married as soon as in their early twenties, there is another group of people who believe that you need to be at least thirty to get married.

The talking point used by most people who support early marriage is that people can grow together and become integrated with each other’s life much stronger if they marry young. The individuals grow up together and face all problems together. Hence, their bonds would be deeper than those who marry late. When you marry young, you bring your youthful energy, passion, and drive with you into the relationship. You are at the peak of your health, and it is safer to have children in your younger years. Even if you have low times, you will have someone to share it with.

Although these are some really good points about the pros of early marriage, do not book your wedding venue yet, we have an argument for later marriages as well.

While you bring your energy and passion into the relationship with you, you also bring your childish ignorance and lack of experience as baggage. Young lovers, especially first-time lovers have no idea how to behave or navigate the ups and downs that comes with a serious relationship. They would have barely any idea how to work in the adult world and how to deal with relationship problems like a mature person. Yes, there are a lot of people out there who are quite mature for their age, but the inexperience that most bring into their relationship is fairly common. This is one of the reasons why first loves break up almost always. Heartbreaks and brake ups teach you some very important lessons about love.


Grow Together 
Become Integrated
Deeper Bonds
Youthful Energy & Passion


Childish Ignorance
Relationship Problems

Early marriage also prevents people’s self-exploration. Once they are legally married, the couple has to base their entire lives around their partner. This stops them from exploring the world on their own. It doesn’t let them get the experience most of us need to have before settling down, to make sure we are choosing a partner with qualities that we truly admire. When you get married in your teens are the early twenties, you deny yourself that opportunity to explore. People who marry early also tend to rely on their partner for their happiness and become co-dependent. They do not know a life where they can be on their own, having choices that a married person does not have.

Studies have also suggested that people who marry in their late twenties or early thirties are more likely to stay together. These couples have a better quality of life since most times, both people in the relationship have become established in their professions. They can afford a child much easier, something that is integral in declining economies. They must have also had experience in dating, which makes them more adept at choosing a partner who meets their needs better.

Our Suggestion

While love does not care about age, race, and gender, it is still advisable to wait at least till your mid-twenties to get married. Even if you love your partner to death, it is still not worth giving up your individual life and identity before they have been even fully formed. But of course, this is only an informed suggestion. No one is made the same and if you think young marriage is the only option you want, go for it. Do what is best for you. We only suggest that you think about it, see the good and the bad before you make a decision.

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