Mental Health Professionals


Balancing Chakras

Chakras are the spiritual energy centers of our body and they hold a powerful influence over us. When your chakras are not balanced, you will find your life going completely of control. Join us in our worshop to bring balance and vitality back into your lives.

We will be using different types of alternative therapeutic practices to provide the peace and serenity that you long for.

Finance and Career Management

Discover your bad habits that makes you spend money beyond your means. Learn how you can correct those same habits and balance your monthly income. This workshop would also be useful for people struggling in their professional life as well.

You can find out the influences in your life that keeps your from performing to your full potential. The tricks and tips you learn hear can also be of help to your loved one or client in the future.

Personality Development

Your handwriting reflects your actual personality. You can use this chance to explore the ways through which you can change the negative things about yourself by making changes to your handwriting.

During the workshop, we will give you accurate information on how to go about improving on your personality according to the established rules of graphology.

Managing Physical Pain

If you are a victim of strange pain or injuries, this workshop is for you. Graphology is well know for doing deep dives on personality but a lesser known benefit is pain management. We can help you change the way your write which can change your perceptions of pain.

The workshop can also find the root cause of your pain and work on alleviating it.

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